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Focusing on 'Beyond Technology' as our corporate philosophy and brand commitment, we are a leading IT service provider engaged in building our core competence to create value for customers and society. With operations spread across Europe and established in Cluj-Napoca since 2007, we help businesses innovate, adapt and compete on the ever evolving IT market. We currently detain a strong presence in the software on-demand/outsourcing business, validated through time by multiple collaborations with demanding customers spread across the globe.

At Neusoft EDC we hire people with diverse backgrounds and experience, and train them to be the best professionals. The cross-functional teams we've set-up are ready to take on any new challenging project and deliver a complete solution, from the earliest stages of conceptualization and all the way to after-sales support. We are the one-stop-shop of professionals that seamlessly combine business and technology acumen to offer customers the best solutions.

Register for Internship 2019

What we’re looking for this summer:

Passionate C++ Interns
Engaged Java Interns with a pinch of Web

Required skills:
Good OOP knowledge
Smart thinking and good problem solving skills
Focus on performance and efficiency
Good knowledge of C++ respectively Java SE
(considered a plus: HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Step In & Measure Your Skills

Learn how to develop a project from scratch in an Agile
environment (Scrum, Kanban)
· Develop your C++ and Java knowledge
· Learn about Android and iOS app development
· Take the opportunity to work with the latest technologies
· Get access to specialized trainings, both
technical, but also on soft skills and project management
· Pair programming with experienced developers
· Financing for your summer parties

What we do

Let's talk business!

Feel free to contact us for any questions! You can find us at:

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