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Software contributes to a more connected world, and brings a little magic to your life. There is no boundary for imagination with integrated technologies, Internet of Things, and customized solutions. Established in Cluj-Napoca since 2007, we have operations spread across Europe, in the software on-demand/outsourcing business. With projects in the fields of smart gym, health-training equipment UX, smart fitness gadgets and connected devices, we help businesses innovate, adapt and respond to this dynamic hyper-connected world.

An Internship experience with us will help you become a Faster coder, Stronger team player, Higher on the tech career ladder.
What makes the Olympic Games so special? The elite athletic competition, yes. But also, the bringing together of people and cultures from different backgrounds, ages and experiences.
At Neusoft EDC we hire people with diverse backgrounds and experience, and train them to be the best professionals. The cross-functional teams we've set-up are ready to take on any new challenging project and deliver a complete solution.

Register for Internship 2020

What we are looking for this summer:

Engaged Java Interns with a pinch of Web
Android enthusiasts
(no previous Android experience is required,
just the willingness to learn and desire to continue in this field)

Required skills:
Good OOP knowledge
Good knowledge of Java
Focus on performance and efficiency
Smart thinking and good problem solving skills
Nice to have:
Feel comfortable with JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Basic knowledge of Kotlin and XML

Together with our Coaches, you will:

Work on a state-of-the-art Smart Fitness Equipment
Develop a project from scratch in an Agile environment (Kanban)
Develop your Java knowledge
Get access to specialized technical trainings
Learn useful soft skills
Practice pair programming with experienced developers
Learn quick front-end development
Experience the real "feel" of an employee
Earn money for the rest of your summer activities

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